Spring Into Action and Jump Start Your Personal Finance Journey: 5 Simple Steps

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As we embrace the vibrant energy of spring (and its showers), let's also ignite a renewed passion for our financial well-being. It's the perfect time to take charge of our personal finance journey! Here are a few simple yet effective steps you can implement today:

1. Eliminate Catastrophic Risk with Life Insurance: Picture a future where your loved ones are safeguarded against life's uncertainties. It starts with ensuring you have adequate life insurance coverage by calculating your insurable need (i.e., debt, income replacement, mortgage balance, extra expenses/education for kids).  

Don't wait for the unexpected to happen. You’d rather be 5 years too early, than 5 minutes too late.

2. Build Your Safety Net: Create an emergency fund in a high-yield savings account so that you’re earning a decent APY and you have immediate liquidity. Start small and watch your safety net grow into a powerful shield against financial turmoil.

Emergencies happen, be prepared!

3. Track Every Penny: This sounds more difficult than it is thanks to the technology we have at our fingertips. Like it or not, the road to financial freedom begins with clarity. Take control by tracking your income and expenses down to the Netflix (yes, even down to your Netflix subscription)! Understanding where your money flows empowers you to make informed decisions and plug leaks in your spending plan.

In other words, knowing where your money goes is the first step to managing it.

4. Max Out Your Retirement Savings:  Who doesn’t want to retire rich? The key to a prosperous future lies in harnessing the power of compounding interest. While contributing up to your retirement plan’s matching limit is commendable, strive to reach beyond. Aim to contribute the IRS' maximum allowable contribution amount to supercharge your retirement nest egg and secure a more than comfortable future! 

If you don’t like the IRS’ limitations, check out the Rich Person Roth!

5. Protect Your Legacy with Proper Legal Documentation: Your hard earned wealth deserves the utmost protection. Ensure your wishes are honored and your assets are distributed according to your desires by establishing legal safeguards. Consider a trust over a will for greater control and efficiency in wealth transfer.

Insight: There are many Estate Planning Firms that offer complimentary consultations to determine if a basic estate plan or advanced planning is the best fit for your personal needs and goals.

🔥 Pro Tip:  Don't overlook the importance of regularly reviewing your beneficiaries! Life is dynamic, and circumstances change. Take a moment annually to verify that your beneficiaries are up-to-date across all your accounts, including your 401k, IRA, life insurance policies, brokerage accounts and bank accounts.

Now is the time to take control of your financial destiny. Let's spring into action together and embark on a journey towards prosperity and security. Reach out to us today to kickstart your personalized financial plan and turn your dreams into reality.

Your Personal Guides in Finance, 

Tish and Christina

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