Meet Tish

Tish provides life-changing strategies and long term planning to individuals, families and businesses in order to create sustainable growth and tax advantages.

This holistic approach allows you to do more with what you have, makes your money work harder for you as well as provides guaranteed protection from loss.

Through years of experience and education, Tish guides her clients through the same concepts and strategies that have been used by the banking system, corporations, and the wealthy elite for generations.

Tish is a wife, a mother and a licensed financial professional. She has found her passion and purpose through empowering others in their own financial literacy and well-being.

Meet Christina

Christina has always wanted to contribute in meaningful ways.  She has a diverse background that ranges from the Music Industry to Financial Services.

She found her passion for financial consulting after she learned the hard way that no-one was going to care more about her money and financial well being more than she would. 

With the help of great mentors in the industry, including Tish Cook, she is now able to apply those same lessons to others.

She continues to master her craft by helping people plan and understand all of their options, so that they can make the best decisions for themselves, their families, their businesses, their communities, and their legacies.